How to Paint Christmas Macarons (and apply gold leaf)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m halfway through my first 12 Days of Cookies for Christmas! I got a little delayed by a cold that hit our household, but I’m still determined to truck through and get 12 treats done and posted by Christmas! My favorite so far has absolutely been these hand-painted Christmas macarons! They were so fun and easy to do, and they turned out (mostly) beautiful. My camera battery died, and my phone photos really don’t even do them justice. I made my macarons using this recipe and filled them with vanilla Italian Meringue […]

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Pressure Cooker Chicken Kale Risotto

I am not as obsessed with my Instant Pot as a lot of you are, but I do love it for certain things.  A few months after I had my daughter, I found myself living off ice cream bars.  I ended up getting an Instant Pot on Prime Day and it was a huge game-changer at that time.  I realized I could throw a whole chicken and brown rice in there, turn it on, and have dinner ready in a half an hour. Once I was able to start spending more time in the kitchen, my pressure cooker got less […]

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7 Tips to Make You a Better Cook

Do you think you know your way around the kitchen? (Or maybe not?) These seven tips are guaranteed to make your life easier and have you cooking like a pro! Don’t Be Shy with the Salt I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to season your food, but do you know how important it is?  Sometimes I will see a friend’s eyes get a bit wide as they watch me cook and use salt.  Even though it may appear to be a lot, the amount of salt you use cooking at home will come NOWHERE near the amount of salt […]

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Long Weekend in Minneapolis

We recently tried to escape the heat and head home (home for me) to Minnesota and visit my parents.  Unfortunately there seemed to be some type of warm front while we were there so it was HOT, but we still had the best time!  I had so much fun being a tourist in my hometown. There is so much to do in Minneapolis with a toddler; it is SUCH a kid-friendly city. Besides getting to spend a little time with Kelsey and another high school bestie, we had plenty of time to explore with Grandma and Grandpa. Como Zoo There […]

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How to Get Fancy with Your Ramen (And Still Have Dinner Ready in Ten Minutes)

Oh instant ramen, one of those embarrassing staple college foods. Want to know a secret? I still eat ramen at least twice a week!  Eating ramen doesn’t have to be a depressing bowl of MSG.  Over the last couple of years I have perfected my “fancy ramen” and it still goes from cold water to hot meal on your plate (or bowl) in ten minutes. (Like I literally timed it on my phone because I hate “20 minutes recipes” that end up taking 45 minutes with prep.) I typically use Koyo Organic Ramen, which is available at Whole Foods or […]

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Berry Ripple Cheesecake Ice Cream

Berry Ripple Cheesecake Ice Cream Recipe

Gimme all the ice cream Phoenix summer weather has me on a pretty strict ice cream diet.  I was craving cheesecake but didn’t want to heat up the kitchen, therefore cheesecake ice cream sounded like a winner.  This is a super simple recipe with no eggs (AKA not sitting over the stove stirring ice cream base.)   It is actually completely delicious plain, but I really enjoy the berry swirls and crunchy graham pieces in it. I consider myself an ice cream snob and this is one of my favorite ice creams I’ve made (or eaten) to date.  If you don’t […]

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Strawberry Picking at Mortimer Farms

Mortimer Farms Dewey AZ

A couple weeks ago, we went up to Mortimer Farms for the morning.  It’s a little over an hour from Phoenix, right near Prescott (AKA about 20 degrees cooler.) We have been to a couple other local farms (Schnepf, The Simple Farm, etc.) but nothing out of town yet.  This place was definitely worth the extra drive just for the cooler temperature alone. Don’t get me wrong, it was still way too hot but definitely more bearable. It is $7 per person for admission and $ 3/lb to pick strawberries.  It looked like they had another garden for you-pick-veggies, but […]

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Chia Seed Mini Donuts

Mini donut recipe with chia seeds

Ok so let’s be real here – baked donuts are never as good as raised donuts. They are always dry and lackluster. Anyone who walks into a donut shop and chooses cake donuts over fried ones probably needs to have their head examined. While I will always choose raised donuts at the store, I rarely make them at home.  I won’t shallow fry anything on my stove anymore (dangerous!), and my deep fryer is cumbersome and a pain to clean. But then I went to Michael’s to return something today and found myself buying a mini donut pan.  Funny how […]

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Danielle’s Roundup

The goal for Kelsey and I was to do these weekly-ish, but life with crazy kids equates in monthly to seasonal round ups. The last month has been a whirl wind as usual! Summer has officially set in here in Arizona. We started swim lessons for the summer and have been trying to wrap up some of our outdoor and landscaping projects before it gets unbearably hot. Between the inevitable and seemingly never-ending preschool sickness, we still managed to check out lots of of fun places around Scottsdale and Phoenix. Agritopia I have been meaning to check out Agritopia ever […]

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Korean Beauty for moms Part II

So now you’ve read all about the ’10 step’ system and you are probably thinking ‘I have one face… she knows that right?!?’ Well, yes I do… and for the record I wish my face was even bigger so I could have more space to smear magic Korean snail mucus on. Heres the thing to remember when starting anything new- you can (and SHOULD) start slow. Introducing too many products at once is way too much and makes it impossible to tell what does and doesn’t agree with your skin. Also, you don’t need to do all the steps. For […]

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