GO STUFF YOURSELF (AKA stocking stuffers)

As a kid my absolute favorite thing about Christmas was the stocking. As a result I have put an insane amount of pressure on myself to deliver the stocking to end all stockings…for some two year olds.


My mom dropped around $200 dollars to fill my stocking as child (seriously mom?!?)


(Might have been a spoiled brat but I worked the hell out of my Christmas dress.)

But this isn’t the 80’s and I’m not as nice as my mom… so here’s my stocking stuffer haul and advice on filling a stocking that is both amazing and cheap.

First up- The irresistible Target dollar spot. This place is Mom Mecca. Time and space do not exist in the Target dollar spot. Before I hit up anywhere else, this is my ‘Go to’. Yes, theres a stocking stuffer aisle in the holiday section, but C’mon… thats too easy. I WANNA FORAGE!


Its like my home, full of promise.. but a huge mess most of the time.


Come early and there might be some semblance of organization.


Check out these adorable wooden puzzles- getting major Melissa&Doug vibes from these, and $3!


Already embarrassed to be seen out with me.

Disclaimer: Not all Target dollar spots are created equal. The Target by my house is the weakest of all the land.. Do your homework and go to other Targets outside your neighborhood store.

Next up- Michaels

Yes, that Michaels, the craft store. Not just for your crazy craft fails anymore!


(Dani and I- Craft failing circa 2014)

There are some legit options here that fall into the same price category as Target’s dollar spot. Go early, grandmas shop here, they will beat you to it if you don’t hustle. Also- never shop here until you check out coupons.com or inserts in your newspaper, there are almost always coupons. Its ok, we can be cheap together!

Honorable mentions-

Joann Fabric: Similar options to Michaels, but a little more expensive than one would think.

Homegoods: I love me some Homegoods but when you have to buy two of everything to avoid a toddler smack down this isn’t the place. I could just teach them to share…

Dollar Tree: Yea I know, we like to pretend we are better than this. We aren’t. Stay humble and go… you may be surprised.

Heres what I purchased for the girls’ stockings this year. Two is a hard age to buy for.


coloring books-Target


I seriously geeked out in public over these. AMAZING!


Santa slingshots & Snowballs from Target. I most definitely will regret this..


Who doesn’t love picking stickers off furniture. Also Target.


These light up. Yipeeeeee. THANKS TARGET


Last Target find. The tiny Santa didn’t feel very photogenic.


These wind ups are from Michaels. $1!!


Oh toooooodles?!? From Michaels.


Heres the finished product, minus a few stubborn items. These stockings are from Pottery Barn. I wanted something a little more sophisticated than your standard child’s stocking. These fit in perfectly with my tree decor and the detail is amazing! Thank you PB for making stockings that aren’t red and green. (Seriously why does everything have to be red and green?)




Alright mamas, thats it! I wish you all amazing finds and empty Target parking spots!


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