How to: Create an Ok Tree

So Christmas time is upon us yet again. Inevitably you will be bombarded with images of perfect decor on Pinterest and Instagram, where ladies of leisure taunt us with their sponsored $900 trees and handmade garlands. Places like Pottery Barn start sending out those catalogs, reminding you that your children might just need their own trees in their rooms (NOT HAPPENING).

Well I’m not Martha, or a celebmommy Instagrammer… But… I’m gonna share my tree tips, because I like you!

(disclaimer: I don’t think my Christmas tree is the be all end all of trees. I’m very aware my tree is an imitation of better more expensive trees… )

So to start you need to put up your tree, or con someone else into it. My tree is the cheapest tree Macy’s had last year. I believe I paid all of $70 for it.


My tree lives in the dining room because toddlers.

Now its time to start filling your tree in. Ribbon is your friend, ribbon that is wired is even more of a friend. The idea is simple but I see so few people actually use my system. This is a trick my mom learned working in interior design and its something that makes a HUGE difference. Your ribbon needs to be woven in and out of your tree. Not just cascading up or wrapped around. This will create depth and cover any ‘Charlie Brown’ sparse areas.


This is what I use. Its from Michael’s.


So now we are going to keep building up the tree. I’m a less-is-more kind of gal so it pains me to say this but the rule of christmas trees is- more is more. I recommend a mix of ribbon/filler branches/flowers for your base. Yep, we aren’t getting to ornaments for a while. Go grab a soda.


These hibiscus looking flowers are from Joann Fabric. They aren’t quite as large as I would like but you take what you can get when you are the cheapest person alive.


If you haven’t already noticed I’m doing a silver/pewter tree. Its important to know what kind of tree you want to create and stick with that theme. The way to accomplish this is choosing a color that will be repeated throughout. All my decor is silver: stockings, table decor. This is one of the easiest ways to fake a more expensive look.


These glittery berries on branches are my final filler. I like to have lots of different textures going on and these are super fun.. Minus the whole vacuuming up glitter everywhere thing.


Alright its time for ornaments. Most of mine are from Homegoods. Most of mine are also not glass. Glass ornaments would honestly look way better, but I’m being real with you here. I don’t know what the emergency room is like during the holidays and I don’t plan on finding out.




So its tree skirt time. Tree skirts are such an afterthought and that fact is very apparent if you’ve ever seen the selection available at most stores. I looked online and the only ones that came close to the mystical vision in my head were more than I wanted to spend. HOWEVER… I’m  going to share my tree skirt secret with you. Tree skirts are actually just fabric!

WHAAAAAT? I know, mind=blown.


This is fabric from Hobby Lobby. It cost me about $35.


This is the finished room. Not Architectural Digest material. Just a little better than ok, which is basically my life goal.

dsc_0490 dsc_0493 dsc_0497 dsc_0503



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