PSA: Holiday Cards (What Not to Do)

I am always sleep-deprived.  I don’t know why, because my daughter is an excellent sleeper.  I could do that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing, but instead I like to spend that time shopping online at Zara. (AKA putting things in my cart and then removing them because I’m not cool enough to wear them or I’m too poor to buy them.)  Anyways, lack of sleep is my excuse for this years holiday card.

I looked at a few websites like Minted and Shutterfly.  Minted had the cutest ones, but was way too expensive.  Sorry, but spending a ton on Christmas cards is crazy to me, when you know they’re just going to end up in the trash after New Years.  Kelsey tipped me off to Walgreens, so that’s where I ended up.  Now when you go to customize your card, Shutterfly immediately prompts you to fill in your last name and the name of your family members.  Walgreens does not.  It leaves a greeting from a generic family, and you are responsible for editing it to your own names.  So this is how the Sanders family (Billy, Danielle, and Georgia) ended up with this:


I will admit I laughed out loud when I discovered my mistake. Now my options are to cut off the bottom and sign our names on the back (sad), cut off the bottom and mount it on colored card stock (too much work), throw them away and start again (more money – ugh), or just send out the cards from Michael, Sara, Allie, & Parker.  As of now, I think I’m going with option 4.  Just don’t ask what happened to Parker.


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  1. I’m interested in finding out what would happen if you just sent them out as-is and seeing the response or including a hand written note on the back explains the mistake. Happy holidays Anderson family…oops I mean Sanders.

  2. Hilarious!!! I think it’d be kinda great to send them as is as well. I’m sure anyone you’re sending them to would think it was hilarious.