A Non-Pinterest Worthy Birthday

Well I now can say I have two years under my belt as a twin mom. Honestly, the first year was the hardest year of my life. Real talk. Strangers approached me all the time and the comment I heard over and over again was something to the effect of “Enjoy this time, they grown up fast”.

PSA: Do NOT say this to parents of twins. We know they grow fast, and we are HOPING TO GOD they will grow faster out of whatever stage is currently causing us extreme life turbulence. Most nights I was lucky if I got more than two hours of sleep at a time. Only peeing once a day from not having the time to stay hydrated was a common occurrence. My teeth were brushed about twice a week (yea yea gross I know). Year one was about survival, not enjoyment.

This year has been the exact opposite… I’ve had so much fun. These kiddos crack me up and I can finally say I feel really lucky to have twins. AND I BRUSH MY TEETH REGULARLY NOW!

So Saturday we threw a small party for the girls, mostly family with the exception of some amazing friends that help us out with our twins. I kept things easy with pizzas and cake…. this is a party for two year olds after all. Plus I don’t want people having super high expectations of me…or any expectations of me. Come for the lukewarm pizza, stay for the mismatching decor!


We have a clubhouse we can reserve for parties where we live, so please excuse the 70’s parquet floor.

dsc_0516 dsc_0517

The theme of this party was ‘whatever goes with these pink tutus we are about to outgrow’. I had purchased these tutus on sale at a boutique called Oh Baby! when the girls were about 3 months old. I had completely forgotten about them because I buy way too much, so these bad boys had been pushed to the back of the closet. I paired them with cheap tees and tights from Target, and their glitter sneakers are Natives purchased from Nordstrom.



I kept the decor pretty simple, I made tissue tassels and picked up some balloons at Party City. I had a brain fart at Party City which is why the balloons are a totally different color scheme. The person in the back making the ‘Don’t photograph me’ face is my mom. Sorry mom.


We did two birthday cakes because I don’t want my kids to have psychological issues that stem from being forced to share everything. Also, I couldn’t pick just one flavor. So I settled on salted carmel tres leche, and turtle cake. I made the giant two and I’m debating on whether or not to do a post on that… It rode the line between success and fail. Its in the turtle cake because it weighed a ton and would have completely decimated a less hefty cake.



I made these flower tiaras for the girls, but they pulled a Mariah Carey and wouldn’t wear them. Auntie and cousin Eva decided to wear them instead. These were a definite Pinterest win and I will be forcing these on my kids heads at some point in the future.

Cant stop laughing at this picture.

dsc_0566 dsc_0573 dsc_0593

dsc_0614 dsc_0620 dsc_0624

Heres a brief run down of some of their birthday haul and my first impressions. Links in pictures.

These blocks are compatible with Lego Duplo blocks (or so we were told at Creative Kidstuff) They were super excited about these at the party. Haven’t yet dug into them. I’m sure I will enjoy stepping on these soon.
Fairy town train set from Creative Kidstuff. So far, this has been a big hit. Super cute that they did a girly spin on a traditional train set. There are a few pieces that require minimal assembly.
These bath stickers are also from Creative Kidstuff, like pretty much everything else! The brand is Meadow Kids. We will be testing these out tonight at bath time!
I have a thing about Calico Critters, I’m a grown woman who swoons over these. Luckily my girls love them too. They wanted these out of the box ASAP. Right now we pair them with the ‘Lil woodzeez’ houses because it would break my heart if they destroyed an expensive Calico critters house.

The play food was one of the biggest hits- as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t even get a shot before unboxing. We picked up this Melissa&Doug and some New spouts. Both of these were huge hits and I’ve been force fed lots o’ plastic food in the last 24 hours.

Now I’m off to take a nap, throwing a mediocre birthday is exhaustinggggg.





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