Felt Flower Headband DIY

So I wasn’t sure about posting this headband, because it was so big, that it bordered looking a little bit like a weird peony hat.  I think it would work better on an older child, or maybe grouped with a couple smaller flowers, but it was still pretty cute.

7 month photo shoot fail with this goofball!

I based this off a tutorial from Something Turquoise , which they used for wedding bouquets. And honestly, if you just want to go to their post, which is probably more detailed and clear, then just skip to the end on my directions, for how to make it into a headband.

Fish faces are her new favorite.


  • Sheet of felt in your choice of color for flower and leaves.  I bought some off Etsy, which was way nicer to work with than some of the stuff I’ve gotten from Joann or Michaels.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Nude Pantyhose


Cut petals into wonky shapes (doesn’t matter too much what they look like, but try to make them look different, so there is a variety of texture going on when completed.) You want an array of sizes from small to large. (My smallest ones were a little less than an inch long, and largest ones were a couple of inches long.)  You also want a circular one for the middle, and a couple green ones for the base, as well as a couple leaves and 2 rectangular pieces for attaching it to headband (not shown here – sorry!) I used 22 petals total, but next time I will do less, so it’s not as big on her head.

Start by gluing the sides of the middle piece together, in almost an X-shape.

Then add pieces, starting with the smaller ones, and working your way up to the larger ones. If you pinch the bottom together in the middle, it helps add shape to the final flower.


Overlap them, so the pieces don’t look too symmetrical. A real flower isn’t perfect!

Add the green base pieces and the petals.

Cut a leg off of your nylons, and then cut about a 1 to 2 inch section lengthwise, so it’s a big loop.  (Not pictured, but I think you can figure this part out.) This gives you a thousand headbands! My daughter has a really big head, so the baby headbands don’t fit her, but I’ve been cutting them off and gluing them on the nylon ones.  They are super stretchy, and don’t leave marks.

Glue one rectangle piece to the base, and then sandwich the nylon strip in between the 2 rectangles with hot glue, and voila


You might want to skip the leaves and base pieces, since you can’t really see them, because I think it would lie a lot flatter on the head. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

There it is! It is cute and didn’t take me too long.  Just make sure you have a decent pair of scissors, so your fingers don’t hate you by the end of all that cutting.


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