Moms with Girls, Beware.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “pink tax”, where women pay more than men for certain services and products. Particularly annoying examples are dry cleaning and razor blades. Sure, you can buy men’s razors instead, (and I do), but this doesn’t exactly correct the problem.  However I didn’t realize how early the pink tax actually starts, until I was perusing Amazon for sippy cups earlier this evening. I present to you, The Baby Pink Tax.

Exhibit A – WTF

First of, I think it’s a little silly that they are labeled “girl” and “boy”, instead of “pink” and “blue”.  It’s not like the blue and orange starburst cup is particularly macho.  Second of all, REALLY??? The “girl” cup is two and a half times more?!

I continued my research in the toy department.

$11 more for lavender? Seems legit.


Exhibit C – Ok so sometimes, the prices are the same or barely more, but every cent counts, amirite ladies?!

In an alarming number of instances, the pink item was double the blue item.

Exhibit D – The pink one doesn’t even look as fun as the Woodland one.

Women of America, it is time for a revolution.  We may make 80 cents on the dollar, but an eight dollar sippy cup is where I draw the line.


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