Momstyle: Poshmark review

So shopping has always been a huge part of my life because I’m a shallow person. Also because I model my life after Cher from clueless… who doesn’t want to be Cher from clueless?! Just me? oh ok… moving on..

Shopping after having kids has become more of a guilt trip than a pleasure cruise. I know I’m not alone on that. In a past life, I never batted an eyelash at four figure handbags…I’m gross and I know this isn’t endearing at all. I regularly gave away items from my closet with tags still attached (see? I’m not so bad after all). Nowadays, if I buy myself a $10 tee from Old Navy I have an existential life crisis. (Note: I still don’t have any filter on spending when it comes to my kids… you lucky little A-holes)

Enter Poshmark. Yes, I know this isnt a new thing. It is new to me, and let me tell you- it might just be better than retail shopping.

Poshmark lets people that are the old 2.0 version of myself unload all their impulse purchases and buyers remorse goodies…. GOD BLESS THESE SHOPPING ADDICTS. Yes, you have to hunt. This site isn’t for people who don’t like to put in the leg work. For someone like me, someone who loves the competition aspect and the research into the perfect item- this is heaven!

Heres some things to know about Poshmark.

-You can like an item and it gets added to a ‘wishlist’ and helps you keep track of your finds. This also lets you go back and compare who had what item for the best price. You are also notified via email if any of your liked items get discounted further.

-Theres a ‘make an offer’ feature, which is super cool. You basically get to negotiate the price with the seller and see what kind of deal you can score. Who doesn’t love feeling like they really got a steal on something? Theres a 24 hour window of time for each offer/counter  so be prepared to possibly wait. Be forewarned- once an offer is submitted its considered a sale if the seller accepts.

So that brings me to my Poshmark experience. Ive had a few items I’ve been wanting to add to my closet-they are on the trendy spectrum so I didnt want to spend a ton. First up, I was looking for a boot similar in style to the Chloe ‘susanna’ boot. Something studded and slightly masculine. A favorite Youtube Vlogger of mine (Ashley Brooke you are amazing and FLAWLESS) had found the perfect  knockoff pair at Forever 21. After a little foraging I found the same pair on Poshmark. They normally retail for $40 in store- but aren’t available anymore. The seller was asking $20… already an amazing deal  but I decided to push my luck and scored them for $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! WHAAAAT?

Next up I was looking for a fun leopard shoe- I mostly wear black, grey, more black, and white if I’m feeling adventurous.. so I thought leopard would be a cool addition to add a little pop to my outfits. I came across these booties and although the heel looked a little steep to me (I’m mentally a Golden Girl these days) I’m willing to gamble since the price is right. Seller was asking $35, I offered $20, and we closed the deal at $30.

With the weather being frigid here, I can’t help but fantasize about summer. I want espadrilles, but not just any ole espadrilles… I wanted the Vince ‘Abby’ espadrille wedge. I did find a pair on Poshmark but I lost out due to a couple hours where I didn’t check my phone to see a counter offer. Lesson learned. However I did have some backups on my ‘likes’ list and I bid and won these Steve Madden ones. I think the shopping gods were smiling down on me because these are probably better for my lifestyle than the Vince sandals. They are lower, comfy as flats, and they were BRAND SPANKING NEW. They even came in the original packaging. I got these for $40.

Final Poshmark purchase was a little bit of an impulse. I’m also slightly showing my crazy. I was thinking an old school 80s beaded blazer would be fun for nights out, or the much hyped Vegas/Backstreet Boys trip that we are going on.  Something sort of Haute Hippie meets Rachel Zoe meets Golden Girls (cause Im old.. like I said). I want to pair it with a plain tank and ripped up jeans to make it a little more modern and casual. This one spoke to me because of the crazy pattern and wide variety of colors. I got this bad boy for $25 dollars.

I really hate selfies but I sent this to Danielle so she could behold the magic.

Heres my rundown of the actual items:

The leopard booties are everything. EVERYTHING. I’ll probably only wear them once in a while but thats ok. They were practically new.

The forever 21 boots are also fantastic. Slightly uncomfortable but isn’t that most womens shoes? I especially like feeling slightly cool and edgy, until someone needs a snot wipe or something…

Steve Madden espadrilles are also EVERYTHING. If it wasn’t 10 degrees out these would be my everyday shoe.

For those of you wondering, heres what they look like on, in a sea of toys.

The ‘Golden Girls’ jacket.. ohhhh you. You might actually be my favorite. Definitely something I won’t get a ton of use out of, but holy cow is it cool. It came in FLAWLESS condition. Whoever owned this back in the day either never wore this or was graceful in a way I could never be. Bonus: it smelled like grandma perfume, but in a fun way.

Look at this bead work… seriously… amazing. The 80s were magical.

My tips for Poshmark:

-Always go in with a low offer, do not be afraid to offend.

-when looking for an item, try to keep a few options on your ‘likes’ list so if one sells, you have a backup plan.

-If you make an offer, CHECK YOUR PHONE! You don’t want to miss out.

-Compare prices. You can often times find the same exact item listed for less.

-Go in with specific key words…. if you type in “black heels” you will be searching through pages for days. I like to search brands and key words like ‘NWT’ (new with tags)

So thats all for now, happy hunting ladies!


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