How to: Create An OK Valentines Basket

Christmas is over and its time to focus on the next holiday up- Valentines day.  Side note- I should really take my tree down.

As a kid, Valentines Day was my favorite holiday. My mom threw me these awesome after school tea parties. There would be a spread of cutesy decorated sweets and kiddy champagne in my teapot…. I felt like a celebrity. The cherry on top was always the Valentines basket. I knew the minute I heard “its two girls” at my 20 week ultrasound that this was a tradition I had to keep alive. Plus you gotta soak it up, eventually all women learn to loathe Valentines day and the inevitable disappointment that comes along with it.

We aren’t quite tea party age over here, but my ladies are definitely old enough to enjoy the goodie basket. Its honestly sick how much fun I have putting these together (I do a version for Halloween too). These baskets are also great for moms who don’t like their littles having sweets but still want to find a way to make the holiday special. Heres this years Valentines haul for my little sweethearts:

I started with these baskets from the Target dollar spot. They came in a few different color ways and they were $3. Make sure when selecting your bag or basket not to go too oversize… no one likes an empty looking basket and no mama likes the pressure to fill that sucker up.

These little guys were purchased at the Dollar Tree. Heres my best tip for filling baskets- GET CHEAP JUNK! As moms we get used to having endless toys and clutter invade our spaces. Kids turn even the most perfect of homes into…. well, basically dumpster fires. My house is a dumpster fire. However, these cheap goodies are great because there is no guilt when you throw the stuff away in a couple of months. WIN-WIN!!

Also Dollar Tree. Sticking with all Valentines colored items to keep with my theme of “barf… theres so much pink”

Dollar Tree Minnies.

Target dollar spot light up wands.

Target dollar spot trolls. Technically erasers…

Dollar Tree bling bling. FANCY.

Now you will probably need some type of filler to boost the loot up a little… this is purely for aesthetics so you can skip it if you want, I just like the look.

Heres how I use it inside the buckets.

I plan on adding some chocolates too, but like I said earlier these can easily be ‘sugar free’ V-day buckets. This years haul was pretty much limited to Target and The Dollar Tree, but for moms of older kids I suggest checking out Michaels as well. Thats it for the how-to, I have to wait until Easter now to go buy more plastic junk… tear.



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