Incredibundles Review – Diaper Subscription – Ok or Not Ok

Incredibundles Review: A Year of Diapers

The best baby shower gift I received was a one year diaper subscription from my mother-in-law.  Not having to worry about running out to the store, and not having to PAY for diapers for an entire year sounded amazing. With the Incredibundles “Year of Diapers“, you receive 12 shipments of diapers and can choose when you want the shipments, the size and brand, etc.

The first box lasted only about 2 weeks, because newborns go through diapers every two seconds. As my daughter got older, a box started lasting approximately a month as promised. That is, on the occasions that they actually arrived.

It states that diapers will arrive 3-5 business days after the order is placed.  My second order didn’t arrive in a timely fashion, so I contacted them, and a lady from customer service promptly e-mailed me back and rectified the situation. (She sent me the softest bath towel ever, as well as a $30 gift certificate.)

Towel was almost worth the diaper delay!

Four months later, it happened again. This time, I sent a contact form through the website, e-mailed them, and heard nothing back besides a generic response that someone would reach out to me shortly. I sent a message to their Facebook page and got nothing. Then, I finally posted on their public Facebook wall, and someone immediately e-mailed me and said they “just saw it.” (Again, in the meantime, I had to run out to get more diapers.) They ended up giving me an extra month for free.

The cost is almost $150 more than if you were to just buy the diapers on your own.  I am somewhat hesitant to recommend this after my issues, but if you are a generous gift-giver the Incredibundles diaper subscription is a really nice thing to receive.  An Amazon gift card would go farther and come without the order roulette, but the Incredibundles subscription is more giftable, coming with a Teddy bear and certificate.

Incredibundles Cost: $719.00 (plus teddy bear and gift certificate)
Actual Cost Estimate: $576  (depends on diaper brand)
Ok or not ok?  Ok (just barely)



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