7 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Useful Baby Shower Gifts the ok moms

Useful baby shower gifts clockwise starting at top – Jellycat Rainforest Tails Book $16.50 –  Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes $7.50 (4 Pack)- oogiebear Ear & Nose Cleaner $12.43- Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight and Soother $38.95 – Little Unicorn Muslin Swaddle SetWubbanub Infant Pacifier Penguin $13.95 – Honest Diaper Set $13.95

I know useful baby shower gifts don’t sound very exciting… but I promise any mommy-to-be would love to receive any of these practical items.  Stick a couple of these items in a cute gift basket that matches the nursery decor, and you’ve got the best present at the party!

Jellycat Tails Books

Kelsey got my daughter one of these books (PetTails), and she is OBSESSED. They have bright colors and crinkly pages.  She is 9 months now, and still loves chomping away on those tails. In fact, we have invested in several more so that we’re certain to always have one on-hand.

Hand Sanitizer

Yes, I know how boring this sounds.  But I think it’s the perfect little add-on to stick in a gift basket.  Trust me, new moms are wiping down everything, so the little packs of wipes are nice.  The little purse bottles are good to, so you can politely hand it to your sneezing neighbor, when they ask to hold the baby.

oogiebear or Nosefrida

snot picker best baby gift

Kelsey likes the Nosefrida; I prefer the oogiebear. (You can read more about that here.) Either one is invaluable.

White Noise Machine

Practical baby gifts

We use a white noise machine every night and every nap. We also have a portable one for on the go, and an iPhone app on both our phones.  Besides drowning out unwanted sounds, it soothes babies because it replicates the sound they hear in the womb.  We don’t use the timer; we just let it run the whole time, because when babies wake up from their sleep cycles every hour or so, it helps put them right back to sleep.  I love the Skip Hop one that we received as a gift, because it is adorable and has a dimmable night light built-in.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Best baby gifts

I think everyone receives an unnecessary amount of receiving blankets, but muslin swaddle blankets are great! I didn’t even use them for swaddling, because my daughter busted out of them like a little Houdini, so we had to get the zip-up kind, but they have tons of other uses!  They are super lightweight, soft, and Little Unicorn makes the best prints! Throw them over the car seat during transport to filter light or use them as a nursing cover. I’ve even had to use them to clean up spit-ups or spills when we’re out, and they wash up great.


Best baby gifts
Who styled the Wubbanub photo shoot?! A pacifier on flip flops is a terrific idea. This is why you need those sanitizer wipes I told you about!

I think I might be one of the few moms that don’t swear by these, but I still think they’re great!  My baby didn’t use pacifiers for very long at all, but the animal kind of acts like a kickstand to keep the pacifier in their mouth while they’re sleeping, and their plush body makes it easy for clumsy baby hands to operate.  Now that my daughter is older she has become re-interested in her Wubbanubs, and likes chewing on the pacifier and playing with the animal.


Best baby shower gifts

Any new parent will appreciate diapers! I’m pretty sure Honest diapers are way more expensive than Huggies or Pampers, so I would only buy them as a gift.  Their cute patterns and packaging make them ideal gift basket candidates. Diapers will always win in the most useful baby shower gifts category.


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