Planning an OK Momcation

Vegas Momcation time!

Lets be honest, this trip would be amazing if it was just uninterrupted napping and eating.

Two moms with no responsibilities in LAS VEGAS all weekend!

We haven’t had a girls trip in a long time. The last time Danielle and I were in Las Vegas we were 22. MY LORD. That trip was basically us in various states of intoxication. The only actual ‘tourist outing’ was to Madame Tussauds Wax museum.

vegas momcation madame tussauds las vegas

Now we are classy ladies & moms…. And moms plan. This time we are doing things right.

This whole trip came to fruition due to Danielle’s undying love for the Backstreet Boys. She was dying to see them during their Vegas residency and as her best friend it is my duty to be there with her (what I told my husband). To be honest I was never a big boy band person but this is a vegas show! I have no doubt that it will be amazing. The only lyrics I for sure know are ‘Backstreets back, Alright!’ so hopefully no rabid BSB fans kick me out.

After we nailed down BSB for Dani, I had a show of my own I thought was a definite must see… Magic Mike Live.

Yes, I know, its super embarrassing to admit that I really want to go.. but I’m OWNING IT. I think it will be a hysterical show to behold. Tons of liquored up ladies screaming? LOVE IT! and anyone who tells you they didn’t like all the cornball dancing in the movie is straight up lying to you.

Another item on our agenda that I’m super pumped about is driving out to explore the Valley of Fire state park. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I love getting exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

One of the biggest differences between our Vegas momcation and the last Vegas girls trip is research. Last time we wandered aimlessly and ate whatever was nearby. Oh 22 year olds.

The ok moms - vegas momcation
Hungover & drinking more. Fantastic 22 year old logic.

This time we have been researching like its our job. We definitely want every meal to be amazing. With Danielle being in the culinary field she was able to point me in the direction of some great looking places. I have read so many menus and reviews trying to narrow down the best. So far these are the places we are super excited to try:


Two menus, one for being good, one for being bad. um.. YAS!

Tacos El Gordo

Cheap, authentic, and rave reviews online.

Secret Pizza

Hidden inside the Cosmopolitan, its pizza so I don’t think I need to elaborate…


This place is an institution, and how freaking cool does it look inside? Ive wanted to go ever since seeing it featured on Holly Madison’s reality show.

And lets not forget treats… We will be doing tons of walking so I think its only fair we indulge a little. We have our eye on visiting Bouchon and Jean Phillippe Patisserie but we may also swing by Raku Sweets considering the reviews.

Jean Phillippe Patisserie
Raku Sweets

As a mom, I think its so easy to forget to do things like girls trips. We are so used to being constantly needed and I think it will be nice to have an extended break from that. This will be my first ever trip away from my girls… good luck Nate!

We aren’t going to Vegas until June so this itinerary will be tweaked a few more dozen times I’m sure. If anyone has any other recommendations for activities, restaurants, ANYTHING, for our Vegas momcation please comment and let us know!



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