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Clearance zara baby style

I’ve loved baby style long before I was ever a mom. (I’m kind of weird.) Before I ever got pregnant, I fantasied of dressing up my future daughter like Alexander Wang’s niece.  I mean, have you seen her??

Alexander wang niece
@ailawang Instagram

Now that I actually do have a little girl, reality is here to tell me that if I can’t afford to buy myself a Chanel boy bag, my baby sure as hell isn’t getting one.  In fact, if we don’t leave the house, I rarely change her out of her pajamas.  The other day, I even became the mom I always said I would never be, and brought her to the grocery store in butternut squash stained PJs.

Gigi’s #ootd is less designer, and more Old Navy clearance and hand-me-downs from Kelsey.  But that’s ok!  That’s the great thing about little kids. They are so precious, that they don’t need designer digs to look adorable.  Kelsey let me know that Old Navy actually has an amazing kids collection, and I’ve bought most of her stuff there. In fact, if Old Navy, Gap, or ZARA didn’t make it, we probably didn’t buy it.


It’s been super nice out, so we went to Scottsdale Quarter this weekend, where they have fake grass to play on (we live in Arizona, where real grass is hard to come by), a splash pad for when it’s warmer out, and colorful benches that spin around.  I put Gigi in her Sunday best, but unlike Rachel Parcell, her outfit came from the ZARA sale rack and h&m.  In typical ok mom fashion, I forgot to bring her shoes.

over it/ #momfail – headband tag always sticking out

Shirt – ZARA (sold out)
Joggers – ZARA (Sold out- similar style)
Headband – h&m  (I buy almost all the 3 pack headbands from h&m – her big head hasn’t fit into baby headbands for a log time, but she’s still too small for most of the girl ones.)




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