I can’t let Danielle have all the fun…. these are our ‘Outfits of the day’ today. Kid style can be tricky, I want my kids to look cool but I also know they are going to possibly lay down on the floor of the mall in their clothes for a good ole fashion tantrum, or smash fries into their fur vests (happened today). It may seem like an exercise in futility dressing your child in ‘outfits’ instead of just whatever is easy, but it doesn’t have to be! I don’t go to many boutiques because HELLO I have TWO to dress. It adds up fast! So I shop mainstream but I try to take note of whats in for adults and find mini versions.  As an adult I like looking nice and having clean and stylish clothes on, why wouldn’t my kid enjoy the same? Stylish toddler doesn’t have to be an oxymoron…..


The pictures aren’t the greatest, because toddlers. The red plaid dresses are from Zara. The fur vests are Joe Fresh and I got them at Nordstrom Rack. The solid black leggings are Old navy. The shoes are Natives from Nordstrom. Hair bows are Target. Just as in adult fashion, I think a ‘third piece’ AKA layering, is a great way to look polished…. IF your child is cooperative. Today the fashion gods smiled down on me and my children kept their faux furs on all day.

toddler or kid style the ok moms

the ok moms kid style




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