OK Easter Basket Haul

An Ok Easter Basket Haul

I know what you are thinking…  ‘Its not even March yet Kelsey…CHILL’.

Well I can’t chill… in general.. BUT I also know that stores run out of holiday stuff fast and usually don’t replenish. Most of the good stuff isn’t available for purchase online. Plus, if you are planning on doing a basket and filling eggs you are going to need even more supplies. So drop what you are doing and head to the store for your own Easter basket haul… after you finish reading this post.

I think I’ve mentioned this earlier but we try not to do lots of sugar in holiday baskets…we meaning my husband (sorry hun I know I’m addicted to chocolate). I’ve made several promises to him that although I may be a goner, I will do my best not to raise my girls to be chocoholics. Yes, its sort of a pain to not include treats but it opens up the door to get creative.. So lets tackle the basket:

Easter Basket Haul

These baskets are from Homegoods. FREAKING LOVE HOMEGOODS. I know the Pottery Barn ones are cuter but I have a trick I’ll show you later pertaining to baskets. And I’m sorry, I just don’t see the value in a $100 basket…These ones were $12.99. Baskets are baskets people.

I start with your standard fake grass filler. This is from Target and if I’m being completely honest I went a little nuts after Easter last year when it was 30 cents a bag. This mama won’t need to buy fake grass ever again.

Easter Basket Haul 2017

Heres the rundown of my Michaels items. Michaels really killed it with their selection this year:

Chicks for easter basket

Light up chicks. $1!

no candy for easter baskets this year

Glitter wands. $2!

cheap easter basket haul items

Little sound chicks. A splurge at $5.

Coloring books. $1.

Bunny ears. $3.

On to Target, which always has amazing dollar spot options:

Bunny purse (in toddler clothing section) $9.99.

Magnet set. $3.

Bunny racer. $1.

Light up wand. $1.

Spring sunnies. $1.

Felt dollhouse set. $3.

Elastic pearl necklaces. $1.

And my one lone Dollar Tree item… I couldn’t resist… its A DOLLAR.

I like to arrange my items from largest and tallest in back, to smallest in front. Then its time for my super special trick which isn’t really that super special….RIBBON BOWS. Every basket needs a little jazz… here’s how I make my ribbon bows:

Make sure you are using wired ribbon. Make several large loops.. like you are wrapping it around your hand.. but larger. I wrap this loop about 4-ish times around.

Cut another piece of ribbon anywhere from 10-20 inches long depending on how much ribbon you want draped down. Take this piece and use it to secure your looped layered ribbon. Once its knotted start working the loops open and apart slowly.

Then all you have to do is use your fingers to arrange the long tail pieces. I like to make a ripple effect with mine.

And last but not least the eggs. Fillings are typically chocolate, jelly beans, etc… but lets get creative! Stickers, seed packs to plant, small toys…. make it FUN. These are my all time favorite thing to put in eggs. These little puff ball chicks from Michaels are $1.99 for a pack of 4. My mom did these for me and I still remember how cool I thought these were.

Well that’s a wrap for this years Easter basket haul. Happy shopping!


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