Ok Baby Style – Hand Me Down Edition

The Ok Moms - Baby style
Hand Me Down Baby Style

So thanks to Kelsey’s generosity and the fact that we perfectly timed having a baby girl a year and a half after she had two, half of Gigi’s wardrobe is hand-me-downs from the twins.  Funnily enough (wait, is funnily actually a word?), whenever we actually do buy stuff, half the time it’s stuff that Kelsey bought the girls too!

The Ok Moms hand me down baby style

We went to Scottsdale Quarter again, because we live in Arizona, where everything is gravel-y and brown.  Not the best for a baby that can’t walk yet.  The no walking thing, also makes it a little difficult to photograph the entire outfit, but sometimes Georgia just isn’t that considerate of my needs.


Baby Gap Old Navy Style


The weather in Phoenix is all over the place, and this morning it was cold (mid- 50’s), so I put Georgia in this faux shearling Old Navy vest, which was from the twins.  Her bow is from Dillard’s, which is the baby bow mecca for anyone looking!  This one is nylon and super stretchy.  The nylon ones from Nordstrom started leaving dents on her forehead at just a few months. (She has a really large head to hold her giant brain.)


Where to Buy:

Jersey Leggings – H&M
Sweater – Similar style Gap Kids
Vest – Old Navy (Ok since this was purchased a couple seasons ago, and it’s off-season I couldn’t find anything similar. But if anyone wants to drop a couple hundos on a real shearling vest that their baby will ruin instantaneously, then there is this one on clearance at Barney’s!)
Headband with Bow – Dillard’s



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