Italian Meringue Macarons

Italian Meringue Macarons – I have a love/hate relationship with macarons.  Of course, they’re beautiful (and delicious), but they are also touchy to make.  Over-mix them, under-mix them, too much moisture, and your macarons are ruined.  The perfect macaron should have a smooth, shiny surface, well-developed “feet”, and a moist center. I have had several batches of traditional French meringue macarons fail on me, and each time I was mystified as to what I did wrong.  Then I discovered the Italian meringue method, and haven’t looked back since.  There is an extra step of cooking your sugar before pouring it […]

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Spring Fashion Trends 2017

2017 Spring Trends

2017 Spring Fashion Trends Yes, Its risky taking fashion advice from a mom from the midwest… I realize that Minnesota is hardly a hotbed of sartorial action. However I promise you, I do my homework. These are the trends I think will be big this Spring/Summer 2017. Shopping links in pictures. WESTERN The western trend is big this year in accessories… shoes and belts with the big buckles. Small or large, I love the look of a big buckle and I think its such a fun way to add hardware and shine that isn’t  jewelry to an outfit. The Inspiration: […]

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Little People Disney Princess Palace Review

Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace So I have to admit something, I’m horrible at picking out age appropriate toys for my kids. If you have ever walked through the baby/toddler toy isle you know what I mean when I say that the toys look…. lame. It doesn’t help that my kids always gravitate towards the ‘big kid toys’ whenever we are at Target. Enter the Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace: Our first encounter with this toy was at a family function. I couldn’t tear my girls away. I chalked it up to a classic case of […]

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