Gigi’s First Birthday Tea Party

First Birthday Partea Time!

Holy cow.  I really cannot believe that a year has come and gone so quickly.  I’ll skip all the cliche mushy feelings, and just skip to the important stuff – her birthday party.

I really don’t have a ton of friends, which sadly cuts into Gigi’s friend circle. (Sorry Georgia; mom’s a loser.) So the party was all adults, but  I swear I’m working on some baby friends soon! I had the Pinterest Mom Guilt (it’s real guys!) and have been planning an elaborate party and cake smash for months.  I went through several themes from flamingos, swans, zoo, fiesta, to stars, and finally landed on a tea party, because it sounded easiest and cute.  And my planning just really went downhill from there. The cake smash? Don’t hold your breath. 2 weeks later and that hasn’t happened yet.

The supplies:

I ordered the cutest tea stuff from this UK company called Party Ark.  It was all really cheap, but the shipping was $20.  They have the same stuff on Amazon, but it’s WAY more, so it’s still worth it to order directly from them.  I mixed and matched stuff, and then bought these cute cups while I was at Target. My mom had pretty silver platters and flatware that we mixed in for serving. I got these cups, these plates, these napkins, and this treat stand.

tea party first birthday party


I cook for a living, so I always feel like there’s a lot of pressure on me, to have decent food.  In the end though, I nixed all the recipes I had been pinning, and made a DIY tea sandwich station. Having other people do all the work is pretty genius.  I cut up bread with cookie cutters, and had chicken salad, smoked salmon, thinly cut veggies, micro-greens, and spreads.  I also put out veggies, fruit, and all the typical party stuff.


The real theme of this party, was probably that I cheated in every way possible.  I am slightly ashamed to say that I bought rice crispy treats from the grocery store, and dipped them in candy melts.  Palmiers were purchased from Costco, and then I spent way more time than I’d like to admit on her birthday cake, which was topped with puffs and yogurt melts (I’m pretty sure I invented this idea, and I felt really proud of it.)

Partea Cake
Partea Cake with Puffs

What I skipped:

Basically, everything.  I just ran out of time! I’m in the midst of starting a new business, had family coming into town, and lots of other lame excuses.  I nixed basically all decorations.  My mom got flowers, and had enough pretty platters and china, that I didn’t think we needed anything else.  I ran out of buttercream and time, so the mini cupcakes didn’t get done. I wanted to do a photo booth backdrop which was also neglected. I balanced it out by spending way too long on the cake, and doing ridiculous things like watercoloring signs, and personalizing treat bags of tea that nobody took.  In the end though, Gigi had a great time eating tissue paper and flinging her cup, so I’ll call this first birthday partea a success!

first birthday partea

First Birthday Partea Inspo

So if I had more money and time, I would have definitely amped it up a little, but really wtf does a one year old care?  Below is some Pinterest inspo to make your party cooler than mine!

(Kara’s Party Ideas)
The Glamorous Housewife


(Celebrations at Home)


LOL Dolls…Is this what my life has become?

If you have children and you aren’t a total nazi when it comes to screen time, chances are you and your kids have watched at least one toy unboxing video on youtube. For those of you with social lives, the toy unboxing world is big business on youtube, and people make millions… yes millions, uploading these videos. Side note: why am I not pimping out my children making these videos yet?

Ive become quite the toy video connoisseur and consider myself well versed in all the dumb toy and ‘surprise balls’ that are on the market. Most kids toys are designed by people on acid (I’m assuming here) but there is one toy that really resonated with me. Warning to readers: I’m about to show my crazy here in a major way…

Enter LOL Dolls. “Little Outrageous Littles”….yea I know. I can feel you judging already. Shut up.

The whole idea is this mystery ball with all these layers, each layer revealing a surprise. Each doll comes with shoes, an outfit, and an accessory. They also come with a little ‘bottle’ to feed them water- thus revealing the final surprise… does your doll spit, cry, or pee? Some dolls also change color if you dunk them in cold water. This is the official site for LOL Dolls that goes way more into depth on all the different dolls…

I can feel you rolling your eyes…stop.

Hello Ladies…

Yes, LOL Surprise Dolls are cute, and they have the fun surprise element, but the thing that really got me addicted was how elusive these suckers are. Finding these feels like hitting the lottery and brings me back to being a kid on the hunt for Beanie Babies. Honestly I live for the competition. I was never athletic in any way so I get all my competitive juices out through shopping. Better believe I can outshop anyone.. not joking.

The only two gold ones we have scored so far…

My girls like these but If I’m being completely honest I like them more. I don’t actually want them per se… I just want to find them all and conquer the world of useless plastic items (thats a real title you can win right?) Ive been snagging these dolls whenever I find them and was hoping to use them as potty training incentives. So far no progress has been made on that, but I am the proud owner of an entire box of LOL Dolls I found at Toys R Us! And yes, last week I fought the urge to throw a completely stocked LOL Doll display into my Target cart.

Yes, I keep some in my car as good behavior bribes…

The craziest part of all of this was I wasn’t sure I even wanted to write about this for fear I might inspire others to start looking for these. I need help.

Side note: According to this article the evil genius is planning to unveil new dolls come fall. LORD HELP ME.