Favorite Treats & Sweets – Phoenix

Ruze Cake House

Even though I love to bake and even went to culinary school for it; I definitely have more of a salt/carb/cheese tooth than a sweet one.   I still love to go out to grab a little treat now and then though.

RBF on point.

I have been following Růže Cake House on Instagram for a couple years, back when the mother-daughter duo used to make beautiful cakes and macarons out of their home.  Now they’ve opened up an insanely gorgeous storefront in Scottsdale.

Růže Cake House is tucked away in Old Town Scottsdale. They sell boba teas, macarons, and other pastries daily. If you have an event coming up, they also do wedding and special occasion cakes.

Trying to destroy their plants.

My last visit, I stopped in and got a box of 10 macarons and a strawberry lemonade boba.  (Their earl grey and prickly pear ones are really good too!)  I brough most of them home to split with my husband, and our favorites were the cookie dough and birthday cake ones.

Photos by Rachel Fischer.

Other favorite spots for treats:

Tracey Dempsey Originals If you’ve eaten at restaurants like Citizen Public House, The Gladly, or Nook; than you have probably already tried some of Tracey’s delicious desserts.  She also has a little shop in Tempe where you can get pastries, cookies, and her famous bacon caramel corn

Sweet Republic Ice Cream. This is my absolute FAVORITE for ice cream.  The Almond Buttercrunch and the seasonal Sugar and Spice are the best!  Alton Brown also named their Toffee Banofee sundae in the show Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network.

The Local Donut. There are so many good local places for donuts (Short Leash, Welcome Chicken + Donuts), but The Local Donut is my favorite.  Their donuts are categorized as traditional, fancy, or classy which is the cutest.

Ollie Vaughn’s I haven’t been here in some time, but I used to go here all the time when I lived in Phoenix.  My favorites were always their almond croissants and lemon bars.



Rosé Granita Recipe

Ok, Frosé!

Ugh, sorry, I already hate myself for saying that.  But as hard as I try not to be basic, I can’t help myself sometimes.  And let’s face it, rosé is the cool kid drink right now, and frosé (rosé granita, slushy, or snow cone – call it what you’d like) is the drink of summer. I rarely buy expensive bottles of wine, and this was no exception.  I used Ferard Bertrand Core des Roses because I had a sad bottle left from Gigi’s party, but any drier rosé would do.  I think this also might be pretty delicious with a sauvignon blanc/viognier/ any type of fruity dry white.  (Maybe I will need to do a little R&D taste-testing for you on this!)

Recipes with limited ingredients and pretty bottles are my favorite.

Plus it takes no time to make, requires no special ingredients or equipment, and you can make it ahead.  I think it’s totally impressive to serve at a dinner party, and besides the novelty of an adult snow cone, it tastes delicious!  You could tweak my recipe a little bit, but keep in mind that adding too much more alcohol will keep it from freezing.

Rosé Granita Recipe aka Rosé Slushy
When your friend comes over and you want to be fancy, but you only have cheddar bunnies to serve as a snack.

Rosé Granita Recipe


  • 2 cups dry rosé
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • juice of half of a lemon
  • 1 Tbsp. pomegranate or cranberry juice for color (optional)
  1. Heat water, sugar, and juice until sugar dissolves, and let cool.
  2. Stir in rosé and pour into a 9×13′ Pyrex (or similar) pan.
  3. Freeze for 2 hours, then stir with a fork, and put back in freezer.
    1. Freeze for another 2 hours (or up to 3 days) and re-stir.
  4. Serve in chilled glasses. Add a rosé float if you’d like, but it will make your rosé granita part melt faster.