Vegas Trip Roundup: Part Two

We woke up Saturday morning fresh as daisies- one of the best things about no longer being cool party people. GO US!

We took our time getting ready, and decided our first meal of the day would be lunch at secret pizza inside the Cosmopolitan. Its not much of a ‘secret’ anymore… but it was still good. We found a prime location right outside of secret pizza with sofas and a coffee table to set our food on. It was the perfect people watching spot, near the Marquee pool party. Let me just say, of all the people watching locations… Cosmopolitan was our favorite.

We headed out shopping again after letting our carbs settle. I had spent the first shopping excursion comparing handbags at different spots, and I finally had made my decision: it was time to buy.

I’m not a gambler, so buying designer bags is how I choose to be irresponsible. I decided on Balenciaga…in the forum shops.. Because crystals mall is apparently a place for all of us regular slobs to have “pretty woman” experiences.

After that we chose to cool off and have a Diet Coke, then head back to clean up for dinner.

Our Saturday night dinner was  at Scarpetta inside the Cosmo (once again… sensing a theme?)


My short rib agnolotti
Danielles Tagliatelle

It was carb heaven. I highly recommend.

After dinner it was Backstreet Boys time at Planet Hollywood. It was all good except for a diminutive asian lady usher who screamed at us NOT TO USE OUR FLASH. Not gonna lie, she sort of sucked the fun and excitement out of the moment briefly.

I should be giving you my review of the show, but if I’m being completely honest… I’m not a huge BSB fan…. shhhh don’t tell.

After the show our cool friends went to some cool club with other cool people….

Danielle and I changed into comfy clothing and hit up Momofuku Milk bar at Cosmopolitan… again.

Ice cream- old people’s version of cocktails

Sunday was our last little bit of kidless freedom so we got up early and headed to Aria to try out Jean Phillipe Patisserie.

Most adorable chocolate shoe ever at Jean Phillipe

I got a crepe, and Dani got a ham and cheese filled croissant.

Best picture I took in Vegas: Danielles extreme RBF while waiting for her croissant.

We also learned grown adults still sometimes try to cut in lines. Those people learned I don’t screw around with etiquette ( my biggest pet peeve is bad manners), I totally will call you out for being rude in public.

Danielle drove me to the airport and in a funny twist of fate I sat right next to one of my clients on the flight back. We exchanged stories and I’m pretty sure he now thinks I’m the most boring person alive. oh well……


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