A Weekend in Minneapolis Recap

We just spent a long weekend in Minneapolis.  As you probably know, Kelsey lives here, and I grew up here so I had a pretty good grasp on what I wanted to do before we came.  I LIVE for the MN State Fair – the cheese curds, the people watching – it’s the best.  We were here the same time as the fair, but I didn’t think it would make much sense to drag a 16 month around, and it also rained a good bit over the weekend.  Instead we tried to focus on more toddler friendly activities, and wanted to spend time with my parents and Kelsey and the girls.


Convention Grill
Edina, MN

This is just a “full order” of fries. Make sure to order them extra crispy, or they are a bit limp.

Convention Grill is one of those old standbys that I have to do every time I’m home.  The food is nothing extraordinary, but it’s good burgers, fries and shakes.  (I know Kelsey always gets the chicken soup like a weirdo, so I’m assuming that’s good too.) It’s been around for ever, and not only did I used to come here growing up, but so did my parents!  It’s cute and 50’s looking, and not fancy aka perfect place to bring a loud toddler.

Pizzeria Lola
Minneapolis, MN

It was super busy, even at 4:00 pm on a Saturday, but we didn’t have to wait long.  Again, it’s a loud and casual restaurant, so perfect for kids.  They gave her a cup of goldfish crackers while we waited, which was awesome.  She usually loves pizza, but wasn’t going for it tonight.  Instead she ended up eating almost 2 entire ears of roasted corn, which was on their special that evening.  The grownups all liked the pizza though (Korean BBQ, The Boise, & My Sharon-i.)

The Lynhall
Minneapolis, MN

I actually went here twice.  My husband and I went here for drinks one night, and then we came back the next morning for brunch with my parents and daughter.  It’s a huge, gorgeous space, with the most thoughtful little details everywhere.  This place was made for your Instagram.


Sebastian Joe’s
Minneapolis, MN

Our favorite ice cream joint (besides Izzy’s) in Minneapolis.  They added on, and now have a cute patio and more seating.  The girls had fun running around, and we found a cute bench nearby for some pictures.  Not sure if you have ever tried to get 3 kids under 3 to all look in the same direction at the same time and smile, but it’s not do-able.


Northern Coffeeworks
Minneapolis, MN

Northern Coffee - best coffee shop in Minneapolis

Again, this is where your Instagram dreams come true.  This place is light and industrial in all the right places.  We got a smoked sea salt mocha and an iced espresso drink with maple and orange called Cabin Vibes. Both delish.

Wesley Andrews
Minneapolis, MN

Wesley Andrews - best coffee in Minneapolis
No caffeine and still running wild.

This was more of a tea place, and I’m not a huge tea person but we did end up getting a cold brew and a realllllyyyy good iced vanilla mocha.  They were out of the kombucha I wanted to try.

Volstead’s Emporium

We were looking for a fun place to grab a cocktail, and this had good reviews and was near where we were in Uptown.  It’s a “speakeasy” and took us a minute to find it in some alleyway.  The door guy opens a little eye hole and then let us in.  Once you go down a dirty staircase, the bar is pretty cool.  It was dark so I couldn’t really get any pictures, but it definitely looked the part of an old speakeasy.  We sat at a table, and the mirror on the wall opened up and the waiter appeared and took our drink orders.  The drinks were pretty meh and everyone there was very friendly, but our server had no interest in helping me find a cocktail that wasn’t on their limited menu. I’d definitely come back again just for the novelty of it though.


Wild Rumpus Book Store
Minneapolis, MN

The last time I went to Wild Rumpus, I was pregnant with Gigi!  It is the cutest little bookshop with a silkie chicken running around.  I think last time I was there, there were kittens too.  They have tons of fun and different books you wouldn’t find at a regular book store.  Things are a little pricy; Georgia ended up picking out a $36 dollar squirrel puppet (sorry Grandma and Grandpa) but worth it.  She loved chasing the poor chicken and seeing all the other kids.  I think next year when she’s a bit older she will enjoy it even more.

First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Ok I’ll be honest, we only walked by here after our coffee so I could take a picture next to the Prince star, because I’m basic like that. It’s famous as a venue where tons of big artists got their start their.  I had to laugh because I saw Hanson was doing a (sold out) show there.  We also walked by at night, and there was some prime people watching.  Lots of black latex, crazy hairs, and someone had a cat tail?

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Minneapolis, MN

Fun outdoor park with the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry, as well as lots of others.  There’s also a really cute looking mini golf, but we didn’t do it.  Highlights included enjoying the weather while walking around, and watching some little kid play in the disgusting duck pond water while his parents spent a good 15 minutes trying to get a photo where it looked like the mom was eating the cherry.

Crayola Experience
Mall of America – Bloomington, MN

Kelsey already did a video on this here, and they have an annual pass so we ended up getting in for free as their guests.  It is huge and there’s tons of stuff for kids of all ages. If they had that in Phoenix, I would definitely buy a pass!

Gold Medal Park
Minneapolis, MN

Gold medal flour park

All in all the weekend was a total success.  We wished we could have spent about another week there!




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