Halloween Basket Tutorial + Haul


Yea… im pretty excited…

My kids are finally old enough to (sort of… kind of) understand Halloween. So naturally I’m going even more all out than last year. We are not only going to trick or treat, we are also going to Pumpkin Nights at the Minnesota State fairgrounds this year. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the girls’ reactions to all the lit up pumpkins! I don’t wanna spoil our costume choice yet, but I thought I would share this years basket goodies!

First up, The goodies from Target:

These bats light up…. thats a win! These were found in the dollar spot.

I showcased these in a haul video on our YouTube channel a month or so ago. Super adorbs, just the right size for a basket! These were $5.99 I believe and they were in the Barbie isle.

These were $3 from the dollar spot but they are gigantic and come with stickers…

Another dollar spot find were these ‘melting witches’… Ive seen similar products at boutique toy stores for $15… these were $3.

Next up is Michaels:

Michaels kills it in the sticker game… its my go to place for cheap sticker books.

 I used a handy coupon on these…. I couldn’t resist! They retail for $5.99.

Light up glasses…. reminds me of a spooky Elton John.  $5!

Yea… more light up stuff… you will be able to spot my kids from outer space… $5.

And lastly, Homegoods:

I couldn’t find matching books… which isn’t a big shock… its Homegoods.. and with Homegoods: “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”- the words of my wise niece Eva. These have fun pop up surprise doors… my kids aren’t into books unless theres some sort of shtick to it. They were each $5.99.

The Baskets are also from Homegoods. As usual, I stuff a little tissue paper into the bottom of the baskets to lift everything up. Then I arrange the items from tallest to shortest.

These baskets are so much fun for me to make, and if you hadn’t already noticed… completely SWEETS FREE! So great for kids with allergies, or if you are trying to avoid sugary treats. I know its kind of redundant considering kids get bags full of candy this time of year, but they are only young once and seeing them get excited for these baskets makes me so happy. Happy Halloween mamas!!


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