Chatbooks Versus Artifact Uprising Photo Book Series

Note: This is not an ad; just my opinion!

I am notorious for taking a million pictures on my phone, but never getting anything printed.  I recently noticed a lot of ads for apps that will publish monthly photo books for you.  The two I was specifically looking at were Chatbooks and Artifact Uprising. Each app basically works the same way, where you can upload your photos, and each month they will send you a new book to add to your series. I particularly love this idea, because it gets all those cute little day to day photos that you might not think to print otherwise.

Artifact Uprising

I downloaded the AU app so that I could start creating my “Volume Book Series.”  The app seemed a little glitchy and kept freezing  Then I realized that it would only allow you to use photos from a specific album on your phone, and you were unable to use Camera Roll.  I started trying to transfer everything over from my camera roll to  a new album, but it was taking forever and the whole point of these apps was that it was supposed to simplify your life, so I just ended up deleting the app.


The Chatbooks app was super easy to use.  You can pull photos from your phone, or social media accounts, Dropbox, etc.  Because I wanted to start my series from when my daughter was born, I did have to go back and re download some older photos from Flickr which was a bit of a pain (and just made me wish that I had backed up on Dropbox instead. Then you just go through your photos and swipe left or right on which photos you would like to add to your book! You can add captions if you’d like and choose if you want the date listed.

Head to Head

Chatbooks $8/60 page book (+$5 upgrade for hardcover)
Artifact Uprising $19/ 50 page book (+$20 upgrade for hardcover)

I haven’t ordered the Volumes book from AU, but I am quite certain the quality is much nicer.  I have ordered prints before, and they’re gorgeous.

Chatbooks is much easier to use, and you can add other users which is a great tool to get all those fun candid photos in a collective book.

Winner – Chatbooks

Currently available – Rifle Paper C. covers

I guess it’s hard for me to accurately compare the two companies since I didn’t order a series from Artifact Uprising due to their non-user friendly app.  I have ordered prints in the past from them though, and I can say that the quality is amazing.  The paper is beautiful, and colors are very accurate.  Even though the quality is probably a little poorer for their series books (different price point than their normal books), I still feel that it is likely to be much better than Chatbooks. Chatbooks is not great quality, but what do you expect for $8? With Artifact Uprising, you get the option of upgrading your book to a beautiful linen hardcover, where you only get paper covers with Chatbooks. Quality aside, I still choose Chatbooks as the winner.  I do not have a lot of spare time, so I didn’t want to waste it trying to figure out an app.  Chatbooks seriously makes it SO quick to go through your photos.  We only have recieved one order so far (with 13 books) but I am really looking forward to getting the monthly books.  I also like how simple the covers and spines look – they look great stacked up on a coffee table or lined up on a book shelf.

Want to try it out? Get a free Chatbook here!







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