Styling winter boots featuring KAMIK Boots

Recently we were invited to preview Kamik’s winter 2017-2018 boots. Kamik was super generous and outfitted the entire family for winter boots. I was super excited being that last year the control freak in me wouldn’t take the girls outside… I know.. bad mom.

Although we haven’t had any accumulating snow so far this year, we decided to style up and break in our new boots. I really love a stylish boot, being that Minnesota weather is about 80% horrible. Any Minnesota gal can tell you that boots make up our wardrobe. If I could do it without getting weird looks I would wear boots in the summer… I love boots that much.

I’m wearing the Sienna boot which is SO comfortable you guys. I love that the boot is practical but has the quilting detail to add some style.

The girls are wearing the Drizzly boot in black. This is the first shoe we have owned that the girls can get on themselves! WIN! I love the adjustable top in case we decide to play in the snow.

Thank you again to Kamik…. We are ready for the snow, the sleet…. anything this winter decides to throw at us.


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