Halloween for Toddlers

So this year is the first year where my kids can follow concepts like Halloween. The girls were so excited and were constantly talking about trick or treating, pointing out pumpkins, and requesting to watch Disney’s Vampiria.. which I guess is the toddler equivalent of a scary movie.

I was all set to take them out a local daytime trick or treat festival right in my hometown. Then weather happened. The event was called off. I was devastated.

After having a pity party moment I regrouped and searched for other ways to get into Halloween. We ended up going to Pumpkin Nights at the state fair grounds a few days later. It was SO MUCH FUN!

I highly recommend this for kids, although there were a fair amount of adults without children there as well. Anything lit up in the dark is cool… and dare I say.. almost romantic? haha.

They had kid friendly scary movies playing outside and vendors selling food and drink. We definitely picked up some kettle corn. They had set it up where it was pretty stroller friendly and in fact almost everyone in attendance was pushing a stroller. We went through all the paths in around 45 minutes… perfect for younger attention spans.

On the actual day of Halloween it was in the low 30s and we were all collectively getting over a cold at our house. I made the executive decision that outside trick or treating was out. There was no way it would be enjoyable. We decided to go to the Mall of America for indoor trick or treating.

Needless to say I was a little nervous, as anyone who has been to the ‘mega mall’ can attest to the craziness of holiday crowds there. I was actually so pleasantly surprised! There were definitely a lot of people there… but no where near typical ‘holiday’ crowd amounts. We went early to grab some dinner and the girls loved seeing everyones costumes. I actually loved it too- As a life long MN resident, all my halloween memories are filled with freezing weather, and costume choices dictated by said weather. It was so fun to see kids wear what they actually wanted to wear, sans ear muffs and mittens.

The event went from 5-8 pm and we lasted until about 7:20. We had so much fun we decided this will probably be our standard Halloween agenda. Plus I might have really liked the part where I can window shop whilst sipping my fountain soda…


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