Christmas Traditions 2017

So I thought it might be fun to talk about Christmas traditions on the blog today. Its so fun seeing Christmas through your childrens’ eyes. I’ll be honest, until I had kids I was a Debbie downer about Christmas. I really didn’t care (terrible I know!). Now, to make up for all the years I was a grinch, I’ve kind of gone overboard. Heres some of my favorite Christmas traditions we have started… And a couple traditions I am holding on to for down the road!


Who doesn’t love a good Santa pic?!? I’m always surprised when people don’t do these, to me its the quintessential Christmas tradition. The best part of the Santa picture is that theres no ‘bad’ picture… your kids crying? GREAT! its hysterical! Plus I love to see the differences in my kids from year to year.


I’ve already professed my love for stockings on here before…. and if you’ve missed it… strap in because I will most definitely be posting our haul on here for this years stocking. I think stockings are where you can really shine and show your creativity.


This is just one of those things that can really add to your ‘x-mas morning present opening’ pictures. Bonus points for matching your kids… cause … HELLO ITS NERDY AND FUN. I save all the jammies and I’ll tell you why in a bit…


So heres some traditions I have not done before, but I’m looking forward to incorporating them into the current traditions lineup!


If you are gonna make cookies you gotta eat them off Santa plates right?!

I haven’t done this one in forever… I was busy trying to maintain my sanity. Now that the kids are older I realize my sanity has been lost… for good. So might as well make those cookies…


Full disclosure: This is soooo not my original idea (what up Pinterest!) but I love the idea of one present the kids can open before the ‘big show’. I’ve seen some cute combos in the box, things like pjs, cocoa, a book, or Christmas related dvd.


Lastly… and I’m pretty sure this is my original idea…

I plan on saving all our Christmas jammies throughout the years to create a blanket/quilt… something my girls can pull out when they are older to remind them of all the fun Christmases they have had.

Alright that wraps it all up! If you guys have any cool traditions you are currently doing, or plan on doing in the future, comment down below! I love hearing what everyone does to personalize their holidays!

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