DIY Rustic Succulent Centerpiece

So this is my tutorial for centerpieces in general, but today I’m focusing on faux succulents. I wanted to create a lower centerpiece than my previous one (which my husband can’t stand because of how large it is). This is sort of my thing… if you can’t tell I love making these…

So step one is to figure out your container…. keep in mind you have to fill it, and thats always the most expensive part. If you are a newbie to the DIY world I would pick a smaller container. This galvanized container I picked up from Pottery Barn in the clearance tablewares section.

For this project you will need: Container, floral styrofoam (at least a couple inches thick to be able to hold greens in place), kitchen knife, pruning shears or other heavy duty tool to cut through wire, and your greenery. I also picked up a bag of moss to fill in spots… I highly recommend doing this in case you don’t end up with enough greens.

All my greens were from JoAnn Fabric this time around, but Michaels is also a good spot to check.

I chose succulents mostly to keep the volume down. When choosing greens I pick a variety of textures and colors, but I try to keep it in the neighborhood .. is it rustic? is it in the cool tones family? Try to pick a theme and stick with it.. but when in doubt just hold all the items together.. does it look aesthetically pleasing? if so you’re all good! Make sure to get greens in a few different sizes… my rule is to pick some large, lots of medium, and some super small ‘filler’ greens.


Trim down your styrofoam to fit your container. The easiest way I have found is to use a sharp kitchen knife to ‘shave’ away sections. This is messy and its not a precise science. Most floral foam silts like crazy so be prepared to take a little break to clean off your work surface after this step.

Now on to the fun part! I like to start with the greens that ‘cascade’ down. I use my pruning shears to cut off sections from the bunch. Then I worked my way all around the edges before moving to the center. Some items (like the cascading greenery) have small stems so be careful to push slowly so you don’t snap any pieces off. I like to cut as I go so If I don’t use an entire bunch its easier to store the excess. Succulents are easier as they don’t require any cutting and they have a super sturdy stem thats easy to push into the foam. I tried to make sure as I go I’m not bunching too many alike items in one area.

After the edges and the middle I went back in with my ‘filler’ green. After I filled the small spots I went back in with the moss and poked small amounts in anywhere I saw styrofoam..

Congratulations! You are now MARTHA FRIGGIN STEWART!

Jk… but seriously… making these centerpieces is super gratifying and I think even though it ends up being a slightly pricey project, you really can see the effort.


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