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Where do I begin?!? My life is always hectic but around the holidays its DEFCON FREAKING 5 over here. Add to it the fact that being a hairstylist around the holidays is absolute madness. Heres whats been occupying my time lately…



Obviously not my current kitchen…

We put off remodeling around the time I found out I was expecting twins. it just didn’t seem like a good idea to tear apart our house. Ive now discovered there is no good timing for anything when you have kids. So after rocking my 1978 kitchen for 4 YEARS I can no longer stand it… its time for a remodel. Right now we are in the preliminary stages, putting together estimates, having people come out to tell us whats possible, and checking out appliances. We are planning on flipping our dining room and kitchen, so we will have a working kitchen while they build us a brand new one where the dining room is. I’m so stressed over this, and nothing has actually started yet. HAH!

More kitchen Inspo thanks to Pinterest
Obsessed with brick if you couldn’t tell..


Although I truly believe year two will go down as the hardest year… I can tell three will be no picnic. These kids of mine have no interest in potty training, or eating food. If surviving on air alone was an Olympic sport my kids would be racking up the gold medals. Speaking of kids…


UGH. I’m just gonna say it. I hate that parents have to do this kind of crap. I hate whoever started elf on a shelf. I hate myself for buying one due to pressure to conform. UGHH. Its basically another thing I’ll forget to do right, but so many people told me its practically mandatory otherwise your kid will wonder why elves are at everyones house but yours. THANKS A LOT EVERYONE ELSE.


Wrapping game strong… sticking to the theme

I am in full on planning mode for the girls’ third birthday. I really wish it wasn’t so close to Christmas but it is. I’ll admit theres a lot I ‘phone in’ when it comes to their birthday. I always serve pizza (not made my me), I don’t do invites since its mostly family and a few friends, and there are no games/activities/fancy signature drinks or snacks. I do cakes from Cafe Latte in St Paul and the ‘bar’ is just soda, water, beer, and champagne. The theme this year is mermaids, they are into almost everything so at some point I sort of had to pick for them… FYI don’t ask a three year old about party themes… just don’t. I’m making tissue tassels, I bought super cute sequined fabric for the cake table, and I ordered balloons. I am planning on trying my hand at ‘balloon garland’ which is new to me, so say a little prayer for me that it isn’t a complete disaster.


Lastly, I’ve been trying to make an effort to NOT cancel any of my Pure Barre classes. As it stands I’m down to three times a week (I used to go 5 times a week!) so it’s gonna take me a while to get to the ‘750 club’… my next milestone. Pure Barre rolled out ’empower’ to replace their previous HIIT class, platform. I wasn’t a platform fan, but I am happy to report that I am a fan of Empower. I use the term ‘fan’ loosely of course, as I would rather be couching it than sweating in spandex.

These workout leggings are OLD NAVY people!

That being said, I really do feel a lot stronger after incorporating HIIT into my routine. And I can’t end it without mentioning that wearing ankle weights reminds me of Jane Fonda.. so thats fun.

Well thats my week! Hope everyone survives Thanksgiving with their families and avoids the dreaded Turkey day weight fluctuations!


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