Weekly Roundup

Well another holiday has come and gone…. now on to Christmas… I’m so not ready. Heres what we were up to this week:


We went up to my In-laws for Thanksgiving. We visited with grandma and grandpas horses and played with our cousins. We also refused to eat food this day, except for a traditional thanksgiving banana ( thats a thing right?)

Black Friday

So I kept up with my Black Friday tradition of waiting outside of Pure Barre for an auto-renewal deal. This years deal was $125 (regularly $139) per month, with the first five people in line getting their first month for only $50. You best believe my competitive shopping spirit compelled me to be in the first five. Nothing quite like sitting in your car at 4 AM while questioning your mental stability. The silver lining this year was that it was a “lifetime’ deal, meaning as long as I don’t cancel my membership I’m locked into the $125 a month price. Which means no more setting my alarm for 3:30 ….wonder If I will miss that tradition?

New favorite sweater from the Zara Black Friday sale

Seeing as I was already awake I decided to head out for some traditional Black Friday shopping. I hit up Mall of America. Everything was 30% off at Zara, so I picked up a couple of things for the girls and a couple of things for myself. My Christmas gift from my mom this year was some kitchen appliances for our upcoming remodel, so I picked out a double oven and cooktop.

checking out fridges….

At lunch I poured over the Black Friday inserts from the paper and came across an interesting one.. which brings me to….

New Sofa

The new sectional, my biggest Black Friday purchase this year..

I’ll admit it, I don’t like my husbands bachelor pad furniture. Its all browns… and browns. Not really my thing. Its like a UPS uniform. I’ve been slowly eliminating pieces, and one of the last remaining stragglers was his sofa. Everytime I bring up getting rid of it he gets SUPERRRR defensive. That man loves his brown sofa. I had pretty much dropped the issue until I saw the prices listed on this insert for Schidermans. I had never been there before and didn’t really know what to expect. I’m more of an Arhaus type gal, but Ive come to realize buying any more higher end furniture while my kids are still little is ridiculous. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality there, and what really sold me was how I was able to customize the fabrics, down to the throw pillows! The sectional I ordered will take about 10 weeks to be delivered, hopefully enough time for my hubby to say his goodbyes to the 13 year old sofa (yes its THAT old… it was really time for it to go).

After much deliberating I chose the grey sample.

Santa Pictures

We went to see Santa at Mall of America as well. As I’ve mentioned this is sort of a tradition in our house. They wore these super cute reindeer sweaters from Zara with Old Navy tutus. Word to the wise: no matter how cute, do not buy cheapie shoes at Gap Kids. Sloane was so fixated with her glitter Maryjanes that she wouldn’t take them off. She was moving slow at the mall (major tip off when you notice a three year old walking, not running) and all of a sudden I caught a glimpse of the back of her heel with a huge blood stain moving up her tights.I felt so terrible. Lesson learned.

Santa went ok. They managed to squeek out a few words when asked what they wanted for Christmas.

Well that about wraps it up, next post I’ll be writing will be the girls third birthday review… which turned into me venting on the pressure to be a perfect mom… more on that later….


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