Preschool (Or Any Age) Teacher Gifts

The Problem: I Am a Horrible Gift-Giver

This year my daughter began preschool and we feel so grateful to have found her amazing school and teacher.  I wasn’t exactly sure what the teacher gift-giving protocol is, but I know it’s pretty typical to do a holiday gift and an end-of-the-year gift.  This is the woman who spends 4 mornings a week with my daughter. Besides changing her gross diapers and wiping her nose, she hugs her when she falls down and teaches her a new language.

I am a horrible gift-giver and always have an awful time trying to figure out what to get my close family members, nonetheless my daughter’s teacher.  I was torn between something practical like a Target gift card or a gift card to a spa or somewhere where she could treat herself.

Having the best time at school as always!

The Solution: Everyone Loves Target and Chocolate

In the end I went with Target.  I think all women appreciate Target since we can go there to get laundry detergent and walk out with a new nail polish.

To go with the gift card, I bought a few other little things to fill up a mug. I got a Popsocket, pocket tissues, chocolate, and a lip balm. It’s amazing that this stuff could all fit inside a mug! (If you think the Popsocket is random, it’s because she dropped her phone last week.  I went from dropping my phone 5000 times a day to just a few times a day once I got it.)  Her sister helps out a couple days a week so I made a mug with the chocolate, tissues, and lip balm for her.


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