Pinterest Guilt AKA Third birthday Roundup

So this blog post was supposed to be about the girls birthday party, but I’ll be totally honest and transparent here…

It didn’t go well in my humble opinion.

The only picture I got of the decor

I had people asking me for things left and right, kids wanting snacks or food cut up for them. I was cutting cakes and keeping track of birthday cards. I was too busy to even get pictures of the decorations I had assembled. The morning after I felt physically ill. I felt like the whole thing went at warp speed and I didn’t even get to see my kids enjoy their party.

My massive Pinterest fail this year- FYI glitter in balloons doesn’t always work.. and hurts when accidentally inhaled during blowing up. Whoops.

Naturally, when faced with disappointment we look for ‘who to blame’… its human nature. After a bit of thinking it dawned on me… ITS MY FAULT.

First off, I need to accept that with kids, everything is basically a clusterF and thats okay. But beyond that, I have to say to myself (and moms all around the world because I can’t be alone in this) PINTEREST ISNT REAL LIFE. Social media isn’t real life, and instagram sure as heck isn’t real life. I’m suffering from a condition I would like to name: Pinterest Guilt.

I honestly feel bad for moms raising kids at this time in history, we are the first generation to really be bombarded with so much imagery. Instagram, Pinterest, Fakebook (not a misspell). Everyones lives look so glossy and beautiful. Its like the Pottery Barn Kids catalog came to life, complete with artisanal kid friendly food spreads, homemade wrapping paper, and organically sourced cotton clothing. I have to remind myself its not real. BUT DAMN.. it feels real right?!

Basically the only picture of just the girls and their birthday outfits

All those pictures and crafts… someone did them. Its attainable for someone out there. I know in my heart that all that really matters is my kids having a good time. They couldn’t care less if you made the decorations or bought them. I just keep beating myself up wondering if I had just planned a little more, done just a little more…the Pinterest guilt hits.

I wish I could say I have had a breakthrough and I will never beat myself up again over these impossible standards. The truth is I won’t ever be able to get away from the impossible images seeping into my life. (unless I move somewhere with no phones, internet, or JoAnn Fabrics)

This was absolute madness…. I can’t even…

If it isn’t the ‘perfect birthday party’ its your wardrobe, your house, your abs (or lack thereof). So I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, hoping that each year I will be better equipped to handle the stress of leading a perfectly imperfect life. Or maybe I’ll magically become a mom goddess…. I can dream right?


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