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Well hello there… its been a while. I survived the holidays (just barely). Heres what we’ve been up to lately:


HOLY COW. What is going around?!? Really starting to get sick of being sick. I’ve been sick, the girls have been sick. Its been over a month straight of on and off illness. I really shouldn’t be surprised, illness has become a cornerstone of our holiday experience. The biggest difference between now, and say.. 5 years ago is, I really can’t rest and get better.

Whenever I’m sick I dress as nice as possible so it distracts from how disgusting and diseased I am.

So I’ve still been going to work and my Pure Barre classes … I’m sure the people around me really appreciate it (that was sarcasm) but I can’t stop my life for sickness.


Is it just me or did this holiday season go at light speed? Between work and other obligations I blinked and everything had come and gone. I didnt get as many pictures as I should have. Every year gets better and better as far as the girls and their excitement/understanding of Christmas. Even today they told me “this was the best Christmas ever” which melts my heart. My shopping problem served me well, as I had full stockpiles of toys to pick from for ‘Santa’ gifts. I didnt have to brave the cold and the crowds which is a big plus. We were all about Barbie this year. My mom got them the huge Barbie house, and lucky for me she put it together so I didn’t have that mess on my hands.. THANK YOU MOM.


Time to partaaayyyy. And by party I mean go to sleep at 10pm. So I worked NYE and was honestly shocked how many of my clients wanted haircuts… I figured it would start to slow down but nope! I was exhausted after work so I had my husband phone in a pizza order and I picked that up along with a couple of pints of halo top for our NYE treats. I let the kids stay up a little past 8pm. CRAZY I KNOW! Nate and I watched a little of the random concerts on tv… including BTS which I’m embarrassed to say I’m now a little obsessed with. I went to bed early so I could be ready for EMPOWER HOUR at Pure Barre… which was a longer version of empower.

The temperature when I parked outside of Pure Barre… gross.

Holy moly… it was HARD. My friend Bieta joined me, she has been sicker than me if thats possible and it was her first class back in like 2 weeks. We were dying.


I always look forward to the day after Christmas… its the first day of the Zara winter sale! Since I was sick I did my shopping online. Let me preface this whole thing by saying I HATE online shopping, Especially for clothes, but I didn’t really have a choice. I got caught up in the hype and the dwindling sizes and basically just started adding stuff to my cart with reckless abandon. It was bad. I did a try on when I got my packages (youtube vid coming soon!) and basically my batting average for online purchases is horrible.

One of my many ‘fail’ purchases

I had major returns… which is good since I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I kept everything. I have one more shipment coming… because I’m irresponsible like that.



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