Danielle’s Weekly Recap – Scottsdale Civic Center Library, Ice Cream, & Celebrating

Civic Center Mall Love SIgn

This last week I have been trying to adjust to the post-holiday chaos.  We usually go to the Arabian Library, or occasionally the Mustang Library since they are closer to the house.  Gigi was off school all week, so for something a little different I decided to take her to the Scottsdale Civic Center Library which is right near Old Town Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Civic Center Library

The library is definitely way larger and has a giant area geared towards kids.  There is a big castle, huge murals and a larger play area than the other libraries.  I loved that Scottsdale Civic Center Library had a large section of kids books in Spanish.  What I did not particularly love was that it was right next to a jail.  When we walked in there were a couple sketchy looking men smoking cigarettes that looked like they must have just gotten released.

Scottsdale Love Sign

There is also Civic Park Mall right next door.  This is just a large outdoor area with a large water feature, sculptures and a big grassy area.  There were several families walking around or having picnics.  Of course I forced my child to take a picture in front of the big “Love” sculpture.

Sweet Republic Scottsdale Sundae
Sweet Republic – Best Ice Cream Period

My mother-in-law was in town for a day on her way to Tucson, so of course we had to sneak out and get some Sweet Republic ice cream.  She also grabbed a bag of their delicious bacon brittle to bring home.

Gateway Trailhead Photography
Flipping the Camera on Rachel

The weekend was so much fun because on Saturday I did some photos with Rachel Fisher.  She has taken pictures of me a couple times before and she is the best.  She is young and so fun and talented.  I am trying to up my photography game too, so she was nice enough to let me take some photos of her too.  We took them at Gateway Trailhead which I have never been to before, but was gorgeous.  We lucked out because it wasn’t too bright out and there weren’t as many hikers or bikers as I feared would be there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  My husband came along to help wrangle my daughter, since her patience level is bordering non-existent. I didn’t think that a prickly desert landscape was the best environment for a toddler to be exploring solo.

Last night I had my holiday dinner for the barre studio I work at part-time.  The food was delicious and it was fun getting to meet and talk to some of the people I don’t normally see.  It made me feel very grateful to be part of such a warm and wonderful group of women (and one guy.)  The owner Alyssa has fostered a really amazing environment and such a great group of instructors.


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