Zara Kids Haul

My Zara kids haul is not huge, but I love their stuff so much right now, I still had to share.  Specifically, their  artisan capsule collection has me dead, but I didn’t get too much from it because sometime I think I push my own monochrome style too much on my daughter, and let’s face […]

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Momstyle Pre-Spring Haul

The Ok Moms Spring Haul

Mom Daughter Pre-Spring 2017 Fashion Haul If I’m being honest ‘hauls’ are hard for me to organize. I buy constantly….little bits and pieces all the time. Ask my husband….its bad. That being said heres the items I’ve already purchased for Spring 2017. This bag from Zara. This is the ultimate ‘statement’ bag. Its giving major […]

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OK Easter Basket Haul

An Ok Easter Basket Haul I know what you are thinking…  ‘Its not even March yet Kelsey…CHILL’. Well I can’t chill… in general.. BUT I also know that stores run out of holiday stuff fast and usually don’t replenish. Most of the good stuff isn’t available for purchase online. Plus, if you are planning on […]

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Ok Baby Style

Clearance zara baby style

I’ve loved baby style long before I was ever a mom. (I’m kind of weird.) Before I ever got pregnant, I fantasied of dressing up my future daughter like Alexander Wang’s niece.  I mean, have you seen her?? Now that I actually do have a little girl, reality is here to tell me that if […]

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Momstyle: Poshmark review

So shopping has always been a huge part of my life because I’m a shallow person. Also because I model my life after Cher from clueless… who doesn’t want to be Cher from clueless?! Just me? oh ok… moving on.. Shopping after having kids has become more of a guilt trip than a pleasure cruise. […]

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GO STUFF YOURSELF (AKA stocking stuffers)

As a kid my absolute favorite thing about Christmas was the stocking. As a result I have put an insane amount of pressure on myself to deliver the stocking to end all stockings…for some two year olds. My mom dropped around $200 dollars to fill my stocking as child (seriously mom?!?)

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