Favorite Treats & Sweets – Phoenix

Ruze Cake House Even though I love to bake and even went to culinary school for it; I definitely have more of a salt/carb/cheese tooth than a sweet one.   I still love to go out to grab a little treat now and then though. I have been following Růže Cake House on Instagram for […]

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Stupid Toys Roundup

Dumbest Toys of 2017 I’m just OK in the momming department so I always let my kids go down every toy isle at places like Target or Toys R Us. I already know I’m raising spoiled and entitled children…so theres really nothing to lose. Plus its fun to see what has changed in the world […]

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Spring Fashion Trends 2017

2017 Spring Trends

2017 Spring Fashion Trends Yes, Its risky taking fashion advice from a mom from the midwest… I realize that Minnesota is hardly a hotbed of sartorial action. However I promise you, I do my homework. These are the trends I think will be big this Spring/Summer 2017. Shopping links in pictures. WESTERN The western trend […]

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Little People Disney Princess Palace Review

Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace So I have to admit something, I’m horrible at picking out age appropriate toys for my kids. If you have ever walked through the baby/toddler toy isle you know what I mean when I say that the toys look…. lame. It doesn’t help that my kids always gravitate […]

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Momstyle Pre-Spring Haul

The Ok Moms Spring Haul

Mom Daughter Pre-Spring 2017 Fashion Haul If I’m being honest ‘hauls’ are hard for me to organize. I buy constantly….little bits and pieces all the time. Ask my husband….its bad. That being said heres the items I’ve already purchased for Spring 2017. This bag from Zara. This is the ultimate ‘statement’ bag. Its giving major […]

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OK Easter Basket Haul

An Ok Easter Basket Haul I know what you are thinking…  ‘Its not even March yet Kelsey…CHILL’. Well I can’t chill… in general.. BUT I also know that stores run out of holiday stuff fast and usually don’t replenish. Most of the good stuff isn’t available for purchase online. Plus, if you are planning on […]

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