Momstyle Pre-Spring Haul

The Ok Moms Spring Haul

Mom Daughter Pre-Spring 2017 Fashion Haul

If I’m being honest ‘hauls’ are hard for me to organize. I buy constantly….little bits and pieces all the time. Ask my husband….its bad. That being said heres the items I’ve already purchased for Spring 2017.

This bag from Zara.

Zara spring bag Chanel tweed fringe The Ok Moms

This is the ultimate ‘statement’ bag. Its giving major Chanel vibes with the tweed and the chain strap. Theres a subtle metallic silver woven into the tweed, and the denim color is gorgeous… its just amazing. All for a mere $40. Comes in a cream and black color way as well.

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OK Easter Basket Haul

An Ok Easter Basket Haul

I know what you are thinking…  ‘Its not even March yet Kelsey…CHILL’.

Well I can’t chill… in general.. BUT I also know that stores run out of holiday stuff fast and usually don’t replenish. Most of the good stuff isn’t available for purchase online. Plus, if you are planning on doing a basket and filling eggs you are going to need even more supplies. So drop what you are doing and head to the store for your own Easter basket haul… after you finish reading this post.

I think I’ve mentioned this earlier but we try not to do lots of sugar in holiday baskets…we meaning my husband (sorry hun I know I’m addicted to chocolate). I’ve made several promises to him that although I may be a goner, I will do my best not to raise my girls to be chocoholics. Yes, its sort of a pain to not include treats but it opens up the door to get creative.. So lets tackle the basket:

Easter Basket Haul

These baskets are from Homegoods. FREAKING LOVE HOMEGOODS. I know the Pottery Barn ones are cuter but I have a trick I’ll show you later pertaining to baskets. And I’m sorry, I just don’t see the value in a $100 basket…These ones were $12.99. Baskets are baskets people.

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Ok toddler style – I’m back for another OOTD. We went and visited Amys Cupcake Shoppe in downtown Hopkins, and if you are local to the Minneapolis area… GO! I can’t say enough nice stuff about this place. The cupcakes are awesome, and I’m a tough critic… I usually hate the cupcake places people rave about ( I like to be difficult to please… obviously). I swear I have the unique ability to taste preservatives/chemicals in baked goods from miles away, Amy’s passed this test with flying colors. The best part about Amy’s is this cute play area. I had only planned to stop and pick some treats up to bring home… but as you can see from the pictures that wasn’t gonna happen. Apparently play kitchens are way more fun if they aren’t at your house.

the ok moms toddler style

I’m really feeling floral embroidery and bombers… and since I can’t find adult versions for myself I’ve chosen to live vicariously through my children.

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I can’t let Danielle have all the fun…. these are our ‘Outfits of the day’ today. Kid style can be tricky, I want my kids to look cool but I also know they are going to possibly lay down on the floor of the mall in their clothes for a good ole fashion tantrum, or smash fries into their fur vests (happened today). It may seem like an exercise in futility dressing your child in ‘outfits’ instead of just whatever is easy, but it doesn’t have to be! I don’t go to many boutiques because HELLO I have TWO to dress. It adds up fast! So I shop mainstream but I try to take note of whats in for adults and find mini versions.  As an adult I like looking nice and having clean and stylish clothes on, why wouldn’t my kid enjoy the same? Stylish toddler doesn’t have to be an oxymoron…..


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Ok Baby Style

Clearance zara baby style

I’ve loved baby style long before I was ever a mom. (I’m kind of weird.) Before I ever got pregnant, I fantasied of dressing up my future daughter like Alexander Wang’s niece.  I mean, have you seen her??

Alexander wang niece
@ailawang Instagram

Now that I actually do have a little girl, reality is here to tell me that if I can’t afford to buy myself a Chanel boy bag, my baby sure as hell isn’t getting one.  In fact, if we don’t leave the house, I rarely change her out of her pajamas.  The other day, I even became the mom I always said I would never be, and brought her to the grocery store in butternut squash stained PJs.

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7 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Useful Baby Shower Gifts the ok moms

Useful baby shower gifts clockwise starting at top – Jellycat Rainforest Tails Book $16.50 –  Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes $7.50 (4 Pack)- oogiebear Ear & Nose Cleaner $12.43- Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight and Soother $38.95 – Little Unicorn Muslin Swaddle SetWubbanub Infant Pacifier Penguin $13.95 – Honest Diaper Set $13.95

I know useful baby shower gifts don’t sound very exciting… but I promise any mommy-to-be would love to receive any of these practical items.  Stick a couple of these items in a cute gift basket that matches the nursery decor, and you’ve got the best present at the party!

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Incredibundles Review – Diaper Subscription – Ok or Not Ok

Incredibundles Review: A Year of Diapers

The best baby shower gift I received was a one year diaper subscription from my mother-in-law.  Not having to worry about running out to the store, and not having to PAY for diapers for an entire year sounded amazing. With the Incredibundles “Year of Diapers“, you receive 12 shipments of diapers and can choose when you want the shipments, the size and brand, etc.

The first box lasted only about 2 weeks, because newborns go through diapers every two seconds. As my daughter got older, a box started lasting approximately a month as promised. That is, on the occasions that they actually arrived.

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NoseFrida vs. oogie bear

Alright, time to discuss something that no one wants to discuss… baby snot, and more specifically, inventions made to deal with baby snot. Here’s our honest take on the products we have tried, in a new segment for our blog- ok moms review products. Today’s products: the oogie bear VS. the NoseFrida.


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How to: Create An OK Valentines Basket

Christmas is over and its time to focus on the next holiday up- Valentines day.  Side note- I should really take my tree down.

As a kid, Valentines Day was my favorite holiday. My mom threw me these awesome after school tea parties. There would be a spread of cutesy decorated sweets and kiddy champagne in my teapot…. I felt like a celebrity. The cherry on top was always the Valentines basket. I knew the minute I heard “its two girls” at my 20 week ultrasound that this was a tradition I had to keep alive. Plus you gotta soak it up, eventually all women learn to loathe Valentines day and the inevitable disappointment that comes along with it.

We aren’t quite tea party age over here, but my ladies are definitely old enough to enjoy the goodie basket. Its honestly sick how much fun I have putting these together (I do a version for Halloween too). These baskets are also great for moms who don’t like their littles having sweets but still want to find a way to make the holiday special. Heres this years Valentines haul for my little sweethearts:

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