We are two best friends, living across the country from each other, and tackling motherhood to the best of our ability. (Our motto could be “Hey, well at least we tried.”)  If you’re sick of reading cliche mommy blogs, The Ok Moms are here to put our hot mess out for display.


Kelsey from The Ok Moms

I’m Kelsey, an ok mom from Minnesota. I have twin two year old girls so if you want to feel like you have your life together hang with me and you’ll look fantastic by comparison! I enjoy scaring my husband with my Target card charges, stalking people I don’t know on Instagram during nap times, and texting my BFF and partner in blogging- Danielle. Lets all try not to screw up out kids together!



Danielle from The Ok Moms

I’m Danielle, an ok mom from Arizona. I spend my time trying to balance my work life with keeping my child alive and husband fed.   Watch while I chronicle my failed photo shoot attempts with Gigi, ruined Christmas cards, and the dinners I remember to take out of the oven.  Thank God I have Kelsey and Google as a guide, because I have no idea what I’m doing here!